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The Fresh Inspiration Show at Time & Space

The Fresh Inspiration Show is on tour and our next stop is at Time and Space in Roseville, CA, Thursday, November 15th.

The Fresh Inspiration Show has been touring with leading spiritual and wellness leaders throughout this 2018 year to support local live audiences as we inspire on the how to's to breaking through the day to day muck. Below are the talented speakers and bestselling authors that are going to be in your local community. Also there is something new happening when we get to you in Roseville, we are launching our first international show. Before, we were in a room inspiring just LIVE audiences but now we are producing The Fresh Inspiration Show internationally with professional video while you watch live in the audience. PLUS you may have a chance to share your experience with Shane, our professional videographer while he is capturing the audience testimonials through his lens. You may even make it on our international show! How fun is that?

Now you can share with your friends that you are going to The Fresh Inspiration Show, for those who have location restraints, as they will be able to catch the show in recording now once it is released internationally.

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